Talking Trust with Airbnb Co-Founder Joe Gebbia

Excited and honored to be presenting on Trust alongside Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia at next week’s inaugural Airbnb tech conference OpenAir 2016! We will be expanding on the study with Stanford University that Joe introduced in his TED Talk earlier in the year. Please grab a ticket for next Wednesday’s event here.



DJ Patil wants Silicon Valley to work on real problems

I was fortunate enough to attend a Q&A with United States Chief Data Scientist DJ Patil at the Commonwealth Club last week. DJ was keen to stress the challenges facing the US government and the Big Data available to help solve these problems. But noted that the talent and progress we see in technology is not being applied to ‘real’ problems.


DJ gave examples from Law Enforcement and Health Care amongst as areas that are ripe for disruption by data and technology. He also stressed that much public data is readily available online, both at the local and national level – and he invited the Data Scientists in the audience to start hacking for social solutions!

Join me at the 2015 SF Sentiment Analysis Innovation 29-30th April

Innovation Enterprise is hosting a conference on Sentiment Analysis Innovation on April 29-30.


I will be joining a panel discussion on behalf of Airbnb on the topic of ‘Extracting Actionable Insights Using Sentiment Analysis’. It’s sure to be a great event bringing together all the big players in the field.

Check out the full schedule and register to join!

Speaking at Stanford policy forum on the App Economy

stanfordappeconomyOn Friday 30th January I will speaking at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR) during a policy forum on the App Economy.

Along with some of my Data Science colleagues from Airbnb, I will be discussing the impact of Apps on the travel industry. In particular we will be talking about how the App has changed how guests and hosts interact and what this has meant for the product offering.

There will also be speakers from Yahoo, Motorola, Twitter, Alibaba, Uber, and Greylock Venture Capital. Register if you can, its sure to be a great event!