Can we measure Trust? Stanford thinks we can…


Along with a team of Stanford University Sociologists led by Karen Cook and Paolo Parigi, I am conducting a study on behalf of Airbnb to understand the social consequences of sharing goods and services with strangers.

Karen has published multiple books on the formation of Trust in modern societies and more recently on the role of Trust in the online world. Paolo is also interested in social networks and has conducted previous studies of Trust in the sharing economy.

Together we will be surveying Airbnb members to better understand Trust inside and outside of the sharing economy, as well as what drives changes in Trust. Stay tuned for more!

Data Science during Hyper Growth: The Airbnb Story

Read Riley Newman, head of Data Science at Airbnb, describe his experience during the past 5 years of Airbnb’s hypergrowth in today’s VentureBeat article. Learn about how he scaled the team and brought data to the top of mind in every corner of the company. There’s also a picture of my team featured!